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Liberty Hall Restoration: 19th century ancestral home of the Kenan family
Kenansville, NC -- tours available.
Welcome to the web site of the Duplin County Historical Society. (NC)

The historical society was first organized on October 26, 1966, and is a nonprofit organization. Currently, we have about 200 members from all across the United States.

Where we are:

Duplin County is located in the south central section of southeastern North Carolina and is easily accessible by I-40, U.S. highway 117, N.C. highway 11, 111, 24, 50, 403 and 903. In travel time, we are about one hour 15 minutes south of Raleigh and about 45 minutes north of Wilmington via I-40. We have a history than goes back over 275 years.

Our Mission

The mission of the Duplin County Historical Society is to discover, preserve and disseminate knowledge about the history of Duplin County from its beginning.